Confidence is a key to success in work, relationships and life in general. At HEYFRIDA we know confidence is not a skill or a given, but an emotion and therefore manageable. We want to empower people to discover their confidence, build self-efficacy and boost resilience.

Our bodies are a source of confidence that we can tap into and we can connect this confidence to goals we want to pursue. Feeling good about our bodies creates a positive momentum in our lives in which we will feel more confident to ask for the raise we deserve, learn a new language, sign up for a marathon or start a conversation with someone cute in a coffee shop.

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HEYFRIDA brings people together and supports them in their everyday pursuits by developing healthy, delicious and convenient products. We celebrate the unadulterated, delicious flavors and healing forces of nuts, vegetables, herbs, petals, roots and spices as daily nourishment, beauty tools and high-powered natural remedies.

Our energy bars aim to couple an unbridled energetic lifestyle with moments of gratification and indulgence.


A word from our founder

I spent most of my life living abroad (11 different countries) and every time I arrived in a new home, I baked my family recipes. The smell of my mother’s cakes and cookies gave me a sense of immediate familiarity with my new surroundings.

In 2016, in search of a more balanced diet that would benefit my cognitive function, I began studying the power of the low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle. Following a low carb diet did wonders for my figure, but, more importantly, I felt energized and confident to take control in other parts of my life. My new low carb lifestyle helped me pursue a different career path, move to the West-Coast and start training for a triathlon.

However, this low-carb lifestyle did mean saying goodbye to those good old family high-carb pastry recipes. Drawing inspiration from my far-flung travels, local farmers’ markets, top restaurants in NYC and the latest microbiome research, I started experimenting with new ingredients and formulas. After months of tinkering and having friends, family and Michelin star chefs serve as focus groups, a consensus was reached on the best formulas.

I want every bar we create to not only to taste extraordinary, but also to be functional. Each of our products fulfills a specific function: from enhancing body and beauty to enhancing cognitive function and overall mood.

I hope you enjoy eating the bars as much as we do making them.

From my kitchen to yours,