How does the membership work?

We designed the HEYFRIDA membership program to meet the needs of our community. We realized that our customers were in dire need of a platform where they could ask questions, meet like minded individuals and support each other. It is totally free and gives you first access to our customized resources, community events and new release products. 

what's included in the membership?

  1. 10% discount on full assortment
  2. 20% discount on all event tickets
  3. Guidance + support from HEYFRIDA health team
  4. Prime access to new product lines
  5. Prime access to community events
  6. Free 30-day low carb meal plan
  7. Access to curated LCHF/Keto community

Can I cancel the membership anytime?

YES! Just shoot us an e-mail at

what are the benefits of the membership?

Changing your lifestyle can be hard sometimes. The HEYFRIDA community and membership program is there to support you. We're here to answer any questions, cheer you on and inspire you when you need it.

When you become a member, you will get first dibs on any special events we organize. 

How can I attend the HEYFRIDA Community events?

Additional questions? Please contact our Wellness Team ( We're always here to help and we love hearing from you!