Delight your Employees

At most offices, the pantry is still stacked with sugar laden snacks.

As a boss, you know your employees are your biggest asset and it means the world to you that they feel happy, energized and focused. However, sugar has proven to do just the opposite of that; it decreases focus, causes dopamine spikes and crashes and diminishes cognitive function of the brain.

Time to change this!

HEYFRIDA energy bars are made from 100% organic ingredients, contain no added sugar, no dairy, are gluten-free and keto friendly. They are just the high quality and stable energy source your employees need to power through the rest of the day.

Employees at these companies are already snacking on HEYFRIDA

I want the snacks at my office to be healthy, wholesome and tasty. HEYFRIDA delivers superiority on all fronts.
— Jordana Stein, CEO Enrich